Eurovan Camper Service in Bellevue, WA


We offer a comprehensive array of EuroVan services, including fuel systems, suspension, drive train, and electric systems. Our Upgrades page has more details about battery system, suspension, and Camper upgrades.

While we do perform custom work and eye-catching builds, most of our work is just regular service on your van. We are expert “every day” mechanics.

We’re also pro’s at interior services and camping systems for your EuroVan. Check out our Camping and Comfort page for options.

Inspection of the entire fuel system are addressed and repaired for peace of mind
Fuel pump service and vapor canisters replacement
LP tank service or replacement – LP leak tests throughout all lines
LP tank refinishing or valve upgrade

Wheels and tires (15″ and 16″)
OE parts used whenever possible
Bilstiein, Fox, and more
Spring replacement
Rear wheel spacers to adjust an uneven van
Urethane or rubber bushing replacement – Powerflex, Meyle
FOX and Bilstien for off-road style

Wheel bearings and seals – replace with our in-house press
CV joint and boot replacement
Shocks, urethane bushings, CV boots, axles, bearings (in-house press)
Power steering rack
Rubber mounts, power steering filter, fluid flush (to maximize life of new rack)
Shift linkage adjustment and lubrication
Trans axle service – R&R fluid with new, seal replacement-axle seals, selector shaft seal, flexible boot
Mercedes or Audi wheel conversions – open up the possibilities to better wheels and tire selection!
Brakes – complete brake service available, including fluid flush
Big brake kit installation – front or rear

Power lock repairs
Electrical shorts, draws, issues addressed (Note, these can be very tricky and we often require a minimum diagnostic time of 2 hours. If we fix it in that time, we don’t charge more.)
High quality electrical work – we use quality fittings, solder each terminal, heat shrink and wire loomed, zip tied or clamped to body via a number of options

While most of our work is normal, every day maintenance, we do take on custom projects from time to time. These projects can range from $10,000 to over $30,000 depending on the scope and level of customization. We do very few of these a year and we carefully vet each project to determine if it is a mutual fit.

Some of our custom work can be done much more affordably. Want a set of reading lights in back? Done. Reverse back up camera? No problem. Bamboo flooring or accents? Yep. All of these projects take only a few hours, so just ask!

For accurate and thorough camper van repair & service, turn to Eastside Autoworks Auto Repair NW in Bellevue, WA.

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